Hunter weapons ?

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Hunter weapons ?

Post by hatten on Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:50 pm

Hey, I am a hunter and I just started on the server and I found it strange that you only can get PVP weps except if your a tank you can get a gun with def / stam on so I got some sugg on what weapons that could be added:

Starbolt Longbow - ManaTombs HC (Bow) (rare)
Melmorta's Twilight Longbow - The Black Morass HC (bow) (rare)
Recoilless Rocket Ripper X-54 - The SteamVault HC (gun) (Rare)
Adamantine Repeater - The Blood Furnace HC (CrossBow) (rare)
Skyfire Hawk-Bow - The Shattered Halls HC (bow) (rare)
Telescopic Sharprifle - The Mechanar HC (bow) (rare)

All those weps are HC optains and it should be easy to optain anyways but just starting a meele / hunter char and you only can get PvP optains

#I could do 1 more of those just with meele weps if you like my idears!

From: Thrudir


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