Helping the starting out prot paladins.

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Helping the starting out prot paladins.

Post by MortalWombat on Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:33 pm

The current problem is that with the current starting gear it is impossible for a paladin to become uncrushable. Even when gemming for almost all avoidance you can only reach 93.3%, the needed number is 102.4%. With the Libram of Repentance from badges you get 98.6%, still missing 3.8% to be ready for raid tanking.

Now with two items added to the starting vendor Crystalforged Sword and Figurine of the Colossus Together a paladin gets 3.38% more to the goal leaving .42% left. and 5.72% without the libram.

Paladins still wouldn't be able to jump right into raids being uncrushable but it would make their start a lot smoother. Wouldn't fix their health compared to a starting warrior though Mad

Now to answer questions why a paladin couldn't just grind the stuff, for the trinket it drops off the last boss of shattered halls. So not only do you have to get a full clear, you also have to run it until it drops at a slow 1 run a day pace. Can be very unfair if you have bad luck. And the sword only drops from mobs that have to do with Ogri'la rep. And not a high drop rate at all, super low. Nothing I would grind for.

You see unlike tbc on retail, we don't have a 1000+ people killing those mobs and putting the drops on the auction house. So we can't count on buying it.


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