Rogue`s server guide

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Rogue`s server guide

Post by .:Jillia:. on Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:31 pm

Hey guys i decided to write some guide about "how to play rogue" as ive seen many rogues on server who were going for pure attack power and leaving another stats like Hit rating or even critical strike rating so here is the deal.

First of all i want to show u some useful build for rogue combat as its only one tree of talents i tested for now its like:

Ok let`s talk for a while about this build because there are few excuses witch i want to tell u before u say like omfg why didn`t he pick it. So here we go the build is 20/41/0 combat/assasin lets start from the assasination talent tree part, when you firstly look at the talents i put in there you probably think i did some mistakes but its not true for example why didn`t i pick rulethness talents witch has a chance to add u combo points after using finishing moves its easy i didn`t pick it only because that talent is bugged probably it would add much dps but anyways we gotta leave without it so just exced of puting talents in bugged place i just put em into improved eviscarate. One more thing you can find that is you see 4 talent points in improved posion talent sometimes you can find builds where people dont use it and says like omfg i make the best dps in the world maybe he does but its about gear or group combo on raids u can not pick improved talent with posion only if your playning to have shaman with windfury totem in your group at any raids if you wont your dps will be just decrased. Ok lets go to another part wht is combat tree there is no big deals too but for example someone can ask why did i put 2 talents in improved sprint exced of puting it to endurance or for example parry well its easy u can see many bosses witch uses things like imparing effect or something like tht so u can just faster get back to fight and make up more dps with using improved sprint witch break slow effects, one more thing is one talent in nerves of steel it can be stupid to some of people but still its about avoiding craft control from boss tho like fears stuns etc. is 5% but alwase can affect also im not sure if this talent works so you can use improved kick one if you like more. About another talents its like you need to use them if you want to get up with dps after warlocks sprists or another mega dps classes. Ofc to this build you have to use swords like mostly all on the server does but u an alwase change it to fist weapons or smt like tht just if u like.

Ok the next part of my topic will be about rotation u have to use in dps time.
actualy in combat build u have only few skills u correctly need to use that`s gow mine rotation looks.
At long boss fights u go on boss dont start the fight with garrote or another things its useless as u lose 70 energy so exced of it u can use almost 2 sensiter strikes and gain 2 combo points at start exced of 1 so after you use those 2 sensiter strikes u just use slice and dice at 2 combo points wht adds u 30% speed weapon for 12 sek. After you use sensiter strike go for fast use of adrenaline rush+blade flurry+some trinkets wht ever you got and in tht 12 sek time of previous slice and dice you should easy get 5 combo points then use new slince and dice as you will have to refresh it anyways adrenaline rush etc should be ending atm so u go for rotation like sensiter strike x4 eviscarate>sensiter strike x5 slice and dice and do it like whole the time in fight ofc sometimes ur rotation can be broke by fears stuns or another strange things tht bosses are doing so the most important thing after things like tht is u need to fast get back slince and dice on if u wont ur dps will go crappy down so dont sacrifcace slice and dice for eviscarate use for example. Thats mainly all about rotation so lets go to cap part etc.

Here i will put some information about what stats you need to make caped and wht are caps.
For first cap is the minimal value of the stat to not miss on boss for example with attacks, so lets start of the most important rogues stat witch is hit rating in pve:
Hit rating cap is 280 (at low game status like we got now) - 365 (at higher status means instances like black temple etc) hit and you have to count in precizion talent too without it you would need even more so the hit value i gave you up there makes your special attacks+white damage to not miss i got 270 hit rating atm and a while ago i didnt count any misses with white dmg at za raid with my guild but still tht 300+ hit rating makes ur posions attack not missing so just tht is needed but at higher level of gear so just you can max your dps to highest values.
Second rogues stat is actually attack power but to be maximizing your attack power you need to gain hit cap first else ur dps should suck if hit works on the server and it does as ive just seen it myself so when u gain hit cap you have to maximize your attack power with gems like 16 attack powers one or even changing items witch has more attack power but u cant get below hit cap thats the most important thing.
So in TBC at our actual game status u shouldnt! get above 2000 attack power else it would be like you dont have hit cap then or something we actually talk about unbuffed values.
Next stat is critical one where i gave cap myself at 20% and i just dont get it lower than this but its all about mainly if you got any epic items ur critical should go self above 20% so no big deals about it.
There is stat called expertise too and some people can say omfg its useless in pve so yea its true but only if you think and you dps boss from behind then he cant dodge/parry so you dont need expertise then tho so just remember about tht when u dps boss do it from back.

One more important thing is tht you need to use slow main hand weapon and fast off hand one you will ask me why ? i want 2 epix it dosnt matter if both are slow i got epix i say no! just becaouse of talent tree and posion ability witch rogues are using
so firstly slower weapons adds posions less times than offhand witch is faster
secondly check combat potency talent at the bottom of combat tree if you use slow offhand you just dont need to pick those talents up.

So most important things
Use combat spec to pve and use 2 swords if you use sword specialization as for sword spec 2 weapons counts exced of fist spec and dagger spec when u choose those u can have for example main hand dagger and oh sword or smt as crit counts only from main hand in there.
Remember about useing main hand wepon as slow one 2.30 seed + and offhand as fast one 1.80-.
You need to keep hit rating at 270+ status you cant get below that.
Upgrade your attack power due to hit cap so dont get below it.

thanks for attention sorry if i made any mistakes make some corrects to me guys as i were writing it fast and also im sorry about my language errors.
I hope tht guide will be useful for you later i will upgrade it with some more tips those are the general informations you need to know about rogue


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Re: Rogue`s server guide

Post by .:Jillia:. on Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:34 pm

Ok time for gearing part for new players now so ill write here thing how to get some gear with easiest way.
So lets start with hings like proffesions 1st one is about Engineery where u can make google for urself witch are at lvl of t4/t5 heads about stats ull have to farm for this:
6x Knothide Leathers u can get them fast in shadowmoon from boars and lziards witch are near green lakes here u got screen shoot place to farm knothides are in green circle:

2x Hardened Adminitate Tube = 6x Hardened Adminitate Bars = 60 adminitate bars = 120 adminitate ores farm them arround terrokar forrest/shadowmoon/nagrand.
1x Primal nether = 10 Badge of justice in vendor or just drop it from any heroic or buy at auction house.
4x Felsteel stabilizers = 8x Felsteel bars
2x living ruby dropable from adminitate/khorium veins mainly or just buy from someone who has it.
and finaly 1x Khorium power core = 3 Khorium bars = 6 khorium ores +1x primal fire.
so here we got googles gem it with meta gem like 12agi and +3% crit dmg or chance to incrase attack speed on meele ranged attacks, there is also one blue gem slot so use for it 8attack power 6 stamina gem or just put any other colored one.

Next easy thing u can easy get is offhand sword from blacksmith correctly fireguard later u can upgrate it but lets talk about 1st one u need to farm:
20primal shadows easy to get in nagrand its marked here:

20primal mana witch u can farm here:

and 14x feelsteel bars when u make tht one u can upgrade it to blazeguard
u need 8x primal nether and 10primal air witch u can farm here in place marked with red circle:
if u want to upgrate to 3rd lvl its about farming badges and buying from vendor 5x nether vortex wht means 75 badges of justice.

Next part is Aldor rep u get from there epic sword main hand rly fast so its the best way to fast get 1st epic just got farm fel arnaments + mark of kiljaden on isle of queldanas or in shadowmoon.

Next part is Isle of queldanas offence of shattered sun rep u can have from there epic neck when u got exalted with aldor this neck will proc like hell with +200 attack power for u actualy i wouldnt change tht neck untill bt/hyjal lvl of items i think.

If u made up at least revarded in isle of queldanas u have to delete for a while engineery or bs buy at quartmaster of offence of shattered sun recipies for boar and black panther trinkets to make them u will need to skill up jc for a while learn those recipies and here u go with mats:
for panther trinket -
4x hardened Adminitate bars
2x Shadowsong amethyst = 30 badge of justice to vendor at isle of queldanas here is screenshoot:
and 8x primal shadow.
for boar trinket:
8x Khorium Bars
2x pyrestone witch u can buy in the same vendor as shadowsong amethyst for 30 badges too.
and 8x primal earth.
when ur done with those 2 trinkets u can get back to bs skill it up to 375 skill and ur sword should be resend on mail as when u delete proffesion and u have any items tht req it item will disapear and when u skill up back proffesion it will be resend to your mail box.

Next part is heroix gear so:
from Slave Peans Heroic u can have from last boss nice epic legs.
from Hellfire Ramparts u can have nice epic dagger if u would use it.
From Old hilsbard foothils epic Leather Bracer
From Shattered Halls epic fist weapon mainhand if u would use it.

for now its all topic will be updated later.


if u got any excuses or qestions just ask here or ingame;)

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