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Post by Sibylla on Wed May 26, 2010 10:49 pm

High King Maulgar:
-Arcing Smash: Hits all targets in a cone in front of Maulgar, deals 5000 to 12000 damage on plate.-Fixed

-Whirlwind: Hits all nearby targets. Deals 7000 damage on plate. Slows Maulgar by 50%.-Fixed

-Mighty Blow: Knocks the target back and deals 6000 to 11000 damage on plate.-Fixed

-Intimidating Roar: Incapacitates the main tank for 8 seconds, and fears all other players
within 8 yards for 8 seconds. Only cast when Maulgar's health is below 50%.-Fixed

-Lightning Bolt: Ranged damage spell that deals 1400 to 2000 nature damage.-Not fixed

-Greater Polymorph: Similar to the mage's polymorph spell. Turns the target into a sheep for 10 seconds.-Fixed

-Arcane Explosion: Area of effect attack that deals 1750 to 2250 arcane damage to all targets within 30 yards-Not fixed

-Greater Power Word: Shield: Casts a protective shield on himself that absorbs 25,000 damage.-Fixed

-Heal: Single-target healing spell with unlimited range. Heals for 46000 to 54000 health.-Fixed

-Prayer of Healing: Powerful healing spell that heals all ogres for 92500 to 107500 health.-Not fixed

-Dark Decay: Stacking damage over time spell. Deals 500 shadow damage every 2 seconds per stack.-Fixed

-Summon Wild Felhunter: Summons a Wild Fel Stalker to his aid.-Fixed

-Death Coil: Similar to the warlock ability. Deals 1750 to 2250 shadow damage, fears the the target for 3 seconds-Fixed

-Greater Fireball: Deals 8550 to 9450 fire damage, unresistable. 3 second cast.-Fixed

-Blast Wave: Deals 6013 to 6987 fire damage in a small radius around himself and slows those hit for 6 seconds.-Fixed

-Spell Shield: Shields himself from magic, reducing all damage taken by 75%.-Not fixed(Krosh Firehand should do it before anything else and he should do it like 5 times not just 1 time.)

Gruul the Dragonkiller:
-Growth: Increases damage done by 15% every 30 seconds.-Fixed

-Hurtful Strike: Hits the 2nd highest aggro in melee range-Fixed

-Reverberation: Occasional zone-wide silence for 4 seconds.-Fixed

-Cave In: Randomly targeted AoE which deals base 2700 damage every 3 seconds in the area.-Fixed

-Ground Slam: Zone-wide ability that sends all players flying in a random direction.-Not fixed(it should knock you like 20 yards in the air not 50.)

-Gronn Lord's Grasp: Rapidly stacking debuff that occurs after a Ground Slam, reduces movement speed by 20% per second. After 5 seconds, triggers Stoned.-Fixed

-After being Stoned, Gruul will shatter the whole raid. Damage dealt is based on proximity and acts as a player-based Area Effect spell, similar to Arcane Explosion. Shatter damage ranges from 9000 when standing directly on another player to 2000 when at the max rage of effect, 20 yards.-Fixed

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Gruul's Lair Empty Re: Gruul's Lair

Post by Apple on Wed May 26, 2010 11:41 pm

Shaman did polymorph me, so I assume it's fixed

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