Deathblow to the Legion - A quest in Netherstorm

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Deathblow to the Legion - A quest in Netherstorm Empty Deathblow to the Legion - A quest in Netherstorm

Post by morrigan on Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:23 pm

Hello, I have a quest called Deathblow to the Legion

I can choose to use Socrethar's Teleportation Stone or use a Flying Mount to get to the mob I have to kill. I have to kill Socrethar

The big problem is that when I am trying to kill him are that there is another mob next to him that is very overpowered and kill me realy easy. His name is Kaylaan the Lost. He have a spell that stuns me for a long duration and does alot of damage and its hard for a healer to keep me up because the stun have a realy big range and hits the healers even if they stand on max range, and he also attack Socrethar and kills him when he is done killing me.

I am not sure if he got other spells that are very overpowered since he kills me and my party members so fast with his stun that I can't realy say if he got other overpowered attacks. So please do something about Kaylaan the Lost.

I can also not say anything about Socrethar since I can't realy get to see his damage because I die so fast.

- Morrigan

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