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My Game Master application Empty My Game Master application

Post by Telany on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:41 pm

1. What is your name?

Alen [ in real life ] and Telany [ in-game ].

2. How old are you?

I am 17 years old.

3. Where do you live (Do you speak Fluent English)?

I live in Croatia , Europe.And I believe that I do speak english fluently.

4. Have you played Retail WoW and if so, for how long?

I have played retail for a few months ( around 10-11 months I believe ) , but the constant farming and monthly expenses bothered me too much ( Guild Wars system ftw Razz )

5. How long have you played on DatWoW?

I started playing 2 weeks ago I believe and so far I really like it.

6. On average how much time each day do you spend on DatWoW?

Depends on my school currently so its 2-3 hours , but my vaccations are starting in two weeks so it will be much more then that.

7. What are your normal playing time(s)? What is your time-zone?

My time-zone is GMT+1 and my normal playing times would be from 8 am - 3 pm GMT+1.

8. Have you had previous experience as a game master?
8a. If so where and how long?

I had a lot of experience as a game master.I used to be a GM on BlizzardHQ , FrogsWoW and WoWTorn.My longest timing spent as a GM was on WoWTorn , I was a game master there for nearly 6 months.

9. Tell us a little about yourself (use as many words as it takes to describe your awesomeness).

Well , my name is Alen as you already know.I am just another ordinary teen with a bunch of hobbies and interests.My main hobby are sports , mainly Tae-kwon-do ( been training it for 6 years , am a black belt , 2nd dan only tho ) , I also like football/soccer.Another one of my hobbies is gaming , in the past few years mainly online gaming ( WoW *-* ).Thats about it I guess Very Happy

10. Explain why you think you would be a good DatWoW GM (50 words or less).

I had some experience as a GM so thats a plus.I would try to interact with the community as much as possible and help them with their problems whenever they would need my assistance.I am a helpful and nice person to anyone that follows the rules , but I can also be very hard and strict on those that break the rules ( Feeling lucky punk ? ) Razz

11. Briefly outline the contributions you already make to the DatWoW Community.

Since my stay here is not a big one , my contributions arent even noticable.I mean 2 weeks of voting isnt really much :/

12. If you were going to submit a suggestion for us what would it be?

1) Make a forum video contest.I have seen the DatWoW trailer and it is awesome but it lacks in-game content , like epic Karazhan/Gruul raids with 25 man groups , exciting arena/world PvP ( I know that PvP is a weak link currently but try to "populate" it ).Top video would get a certain prize in-game ( epic recipe or BOJs or a pet )

2) More events !
a)PvE events - Spawn one boss infront of the gates of a capital city and prior to that warn Alliance/Horde about it so they would organise a raid group.
Or make PvE more competitive , organise a bosses chart list and award those guilds that down a certain boss first ( with some cool tabards or pets or COOL items ).

b)PvP events - Organise 2v2/3v3 events in Gurubashi arena or just notice both sides about a "raging war" in Azshara Crater and summon their raid groups there and just let them fight.
Or make a PvP system so that once you kill someone you get one coin into your backpack and you can later replace lets say 10 coins for 1 battleground mark or 1 BOJ.

So thats all from me , I sincerely hope you guys liked my application and above all that you like me =)
Dont flame my suggestions if you dont like them please , just my two cents xD

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My Game Master application Empty Re: My Game Master application

Post by Nadakyn on Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:15 pm

Well atm there isn't much to say , you've posted 1 thing and that's this app.
I'd like to see someone who is known to the community.
So far i'm not voting ( this could change in the future tho ^^ get moar involved)

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