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[WTB] Lot of mats Empty [WTB] Lot of mats

Post by Apple on Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:14 pm

Heya, I need lot of mats for my alt so here's a list what I want to buy:
-Primal Air 17x or Mote of Air 170x
-Primal Shadow 40x or Mote of Shadow 400x
-Primal Might 10x or 10 of all primals
-Primal Mana 10x or Mote of Mana 100x
-Felsteel Bar 32x or Fel Iron Bar 86x or Fel Iron Ore 172x
-Eternium Bar 64x or Eternium Ore 128x
-Primal Nether 24x
-Nether Vortex 15x

I will buy them for good prices, /w Applezor, Klinda, Rival ingame or mail and we shall discuss about prices.

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