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Post by Sweet on Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:19 am

Hey guys, I saw no application template so I decided to write up a few questions so that I could remain relevant with information about myself. I also added in the questions that Misaé asked on another application as I felt these were particularily good in testing a potential GMs ability to deal with situations.

What is your name, ingame and out?

Sweet in-game, In real life I'm called Matt

2. How old are you?


Do you have any past experience as a Game Master?

I do yeah, I've played as a GM on a few realms. My first experience was on a realm called World of Dalaran quite a while back, it was a well run realm however I began to dislike the way the realm was run primarily for donations and the point in which it was possible to donate for gear I lost interest in helping out there. I also recently was a Game Master on pretbc.com, I lost interest in helping with that project as certain Game Masters were abusing their powers and it was being ignored by the server owner.

What country and time zone are you currently active in? (Time zone must be in GMT format.)

I'm from Bath in England, or to be more politically correct the United Kingdom. So the easy GMT+0 :)

What makes you better, or more viable than other applicants?

I don't individually know the others applicants. However, I feel I am more proffessional than other Game Masters I have encountered. I would like to think that I am knowledgable when it comes to things TBC related and therefore would be able to credit the realm greatly by experimenting with bugs and submitting reports to Apple or other Developers.

How long have you been playing retail?

I've played retail since 2005 where my friend managed to get me a spot in the closed european beta. I've always played on Ravencrest EU and am awaiting hopeful improvements to come in Cataclysm to make me interested in the game again. Currently I've quit retail as enjoy TBC content a lot more.

Estimate how many hours you are active on the server, on your average week

I've just started playing here on datwow. However I'll most likely be playing most of the day until september where my course begins again where I'll be less capable to play in patches due to workloads. This by no measure means inactive though x)

Why are you putting in in an Application?
Datwow seems to have it perfect, and I've been looking for exactly this type of realm for a long time. I'd love to do my bit to help out.

Misaé wrote:1. What is the difference between !kill and !die?
2. If you have multiple reports that a player has been hacking, however when you read the reports that player is offline, what do you do?
3. A player is asking you to do something that you've been forbidden from doing (E.G. Adding items). How would you respond?
4. How often would you be logged on to your GM Character?
5. If a player wanted you to teleport them somewhere because they didn't want to travel there manually, would you teleport them or not? Why?

1.) Commands vary upon what core a realm uses. However, I would assume the difference would be to do with whether or not the mob is to simulate being killed or just dying. For example, !kill to be when a player or NPC kills that mob, and !die to be where that mob is to simulate death in general ways such as animation.

2.) This I feel is entirely subjective to the exact situation. However, when confronted with a dilemma such as this I feel that a game master is to act in the best interests of the population and integrity of the server. For this reason I feel that prevention of the occurence is an important factor. On the other hand one has to consider the validity of the reports. I would begin with asking the player submitting the ticket if it would be possible for him to upload a screenshot or likewise demonstrating that the player is genuinely hacking or exploiting. If he is capable of doing so I would most likely ban the player in question until further investigation is capable of taking place or an appeal is submitted by that player. If he is unable to provide any form of evidence I would most likely ask him if he is able to provide me with the names of any other players that witnessed the player hacking. If he is incapable to do any of these things I would most likely delay further action until I am able to witness the player exploiting himself. Generally I feel in a situation like this, I would need to consider whether or not that players hacking has a dramatic impact on the realm, and if so then action probably would need to be taken sooner rather than later. Otherwise I feel without sufficient evidence it is unfair to unsheath the banhammer when unnecessary or without due cause. Instead I would most likely send an in-game mail to that player reminding him that hacking on the realm is against the rules and if further reports of exploitatation or hacking come with relevance to them, then it is likely a ban would occur.

3.) I am 100% against the interference of GMs with gameplay. For this reason, the answer to this would be a no and I would remind the player the reasons for why adding items would be wrong. I feel that punishment is unnecessary as the fault would be of the Game Master adding the items, not the player asking for them. If the player was to persist in asking then appropriate punishment such as a mute may be necessary.

4.) I'm pretty active and I most likely would be logged in the entirety of the time I'm online in another WoW client tab, invisible to not give a false perception of the GMs on the realm. I'd estimate between 2 pm-2 am each day with exceptions.

5.) This is similar to question three, I feel that the interference of a Game Master would ruin the gameplay of the realm. I would most likely reply with something like "As I'm sure you understand 'player', as annoying as the walk between Silithus and Darkshore without a flight path is, itt is impossible for me to teleport EVERYONE on that journey and this would be unfair to all the other players if I were to teleport you alone. If it's any consellation though I could walk with you on your journey!"

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Sweet (Game Master/Moderator Application) Empty Re: Sweet (Game Master/Moderator Application)

Post by Misaé on Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:52 am

This is quite a nice, well-written application, glad to see you decided to answer the questions I asked, they're basically just "GM 101" questions.

Although, the first one is both correct and incorrect; the first sentence was correct. However, the difference between !kill and !die are quite simply that !kill is used by the Antrix/Ascent/ArcEmu family, whereas !die is used by the MaNGOS/Trinity/Oregon family.

Different names, same results.

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