In need of money? <General Goods> is hiring!

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In need of money? <General Goods> is hiring! Empty In need of money? <General Goods> is hiring!

Post by freetimer on Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:41 pm

Are you perhaps new to the server looking for a way to make money, or perhaps a seasoned veteran saving for the epic flying mount? As title states, our foundation is hiring people to venture in the lands of Outland and beyond to provide the required items for our customers. We are currently recruiting:

Your job is to kill mobs and collect the items you are told to. Whilst you are not required to wear a uniform you need to wear our guild tabard during work hours.
Your salary is 150% vendor sell value of items delivered.

-Goods Peddler-
Your job is to obtain items sold by vendors as well as traveling to the collectors that are not close enough to a mailbox to send their collected items. You must wear a designated outfit during work hours.
Your salary is 20% vendor sell value of items delivered that come from a collector and 120% vendor sell value of items you have purchased yourself.

Your job is to sell items collected. The basic idea is the more money you gain from selling, the more you earn. You are required to wear a designated outfit.
Your salary is 10% of the gold gained from selling.

All employees start with the rank ''Scavenger'' which works the same as the Collector rank.

A required addon for all employees is the calendar addon.

We are also looking for affiliates. We need skilled enchanters, leatherworkers and Jewelcrafters. It is not required to leave the guild or anything. Being on the affiliates list means that we will whisp you when your services are needed. You are not required to perform that service if you do not wish and we will not whisp you whilst in any dungeon or raid.
Doing this service you get 80% of money gained on doing service whilst we get the remaining 20%

Post something here stating in-game char for apply and what you are applying for. Note that you don't have to join with any of your already created characters, you can create a new one for this sole purpose



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