Balance recruiting!

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Balance recruiting! Empty Balance recruiting!

Post by Birdie on Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:15 am

Balance need more people!

We are an active guild, with alot of skilled people.
At the moment we've done Karazhan, with great results. We 8 manned Curator, which shows you that we can and will do alot of progress the next couple of weeks.

If YOU[u] are a bit experienced ( atleast Karazhan, Gruul's) and know how to play your class, we need you.
You also need to be active, and have patience. We want people who sets progress over themself, and will do whatever it takes for upgrading the gear.

So if you feel you are a valuable member on "Balance", please talk to me in-game.

-Hugeê / Birdie


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