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Post by Merqurius on Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:47 am

Finland - with the polar bears
Personal Info:
Im 21 year's old guy from northern territory of Europe. Working daily ( delivery truck driver ), No pet's except the "poodle's" in the corners. English ain't fluent, but I know how to speak and write it.
Scripting "history":
I've worked on couple of servers, the first one I remember is Project Fortunia which was hosted long time ago where my job was bug fixing on boss scripts and general bug fixing ( NPC spawn timers, NPC creation, anything you can think of, anything that could be done in game, other Dev took care of they'r scripts and etc. ). Next one was Infinite WoW, where my job was mostly the core bug fixing. It didn't go well since I don't have much of an experience on Mangos core. I didn't get fired from the developer spot, I resigned from the job my self after a talk with the head Developer and I was given a new job as a Normal GM. Latest one was a server called Utility, But they had some financial problems so the server was closed down after the first month. I was hired there through gamerzplanet forums to fix Argent tournament. I didn't get anything ready since I couldn't get acces to the core to see what was wrong and etc... So I mostly worked as regular GM there. ( Argent tournament was fully scripted by they'r old Dev, but It had a lot of bug's in it. ) After that I wanted to take a break from any scripting since I got sick of changing from server to server...
C++ (rusty)
SQL (Ain't really a scripting language, but I know how to execute it)
Some HTML.


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Merqurius - Developer Application Empty Re: Merqurius - Developer Application

Post by bruger on Mon May 03, 2010 7:41 am

Thats sick you should be fine.. if they need anyone

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