addition to my other suggestion. =))

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addition to my other suggestion. =))

Post by I-B-Pretteh on Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:14 pm

Ok well from my experience in Private servers is whenever Things are free or almost free, ppl tend to get bored really fast. Cause then they will get them in a few hours or days and then What?? nah that's a reason why ppl stop playing. You wanna keep them Hooked=)). and it's allways nice to be Top notch geared and knowing whenever you meet a newcomer, that it will take a while for him, to get where your at in your game:D

So giving away free 70 blue gear(meaning you only do 5man normal dungeons and 5man hc's, for the rep and last boss gear in hc mode) gold(Ruining the idea of AH), profession lvl's ( just real nice to be a little special with your kickass 375 JC prof and all those cool recipes you haz) and the best mounts is from my pov a Baddd idea:)

*Wow have and will always be about grinding stuff and enjoying it meanwhile*

so if it was up to me, i would make some rate changes.
Like profession should be like x5 or 10 or sth.
and gold like x2-3
and starter mounts should be 60% ground and 60% flying Smile
Gear should be like good old t2 or tbc blues lvl 61-65 or maybe green 70's.

and the Quality token loot should be released in seasons just like retail tbc.


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