Starter Weapon Requests

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Starter Weapon Requests

Post by Fanboj on Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:42 am

Request 1#:

As there is no good spirit weapon in vendor whatsoever. It drops from both HC and normal "The Steamvault", and I find it very useful in both PvP and PvE for Priests & Druids. Consider this regarding there is no "Spirit Staff" in the vendor.

Request #2: (Drop/Murmur: SL)
Request #3: (Drop/Ormor The Unscarred: Ramparts HC)

As I've seen there is no main hand daggers (apart from HWL/Grand Marshal). As far as I've heard Murmur is bugged, so adding Request #2 would be the biggest priority, as it even drops Normal Mode. About Request #3, I don't know if you accept that since it's from HC, but it is really the only "Rare/Blue" dagger with a good amount of hit rating. If #3 won't be accepted, I have a replacement . Drops from Normal/HC Arcatraz and is another good PvE MH dagger.

Anyway, I enjoy the server. Keep it up!


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